When his eyes opened


Music is an enormous part of my dad’s life. To get him to wake up we were playing music nonstop, in addition to talking to him. He loves to garden and sit outside, so we used essential oils with different floral scents to help stimulate his smell.

The doctor started to give stimulates to him to help wake up his brain. Eventually, I had to get back to work and could only visit on the weekend. After five days of not seeing him, I visited him early with my mom on January 13th, a Saturday morning. It was the first time he was hearing my voice in a few days. I leaned over to him and said “Dad, it’s Ali, please please open your eyes for me, I miss you and want you to wake up!”

A few seconds later his eyes opened!!!! 26 days after the stroke, almost a month!! My mom and I looked at one another and instantly started to cry, we could not believe it. For the next week, his eyes opened periodically, every time they did, the whole family got so excited. All we did was stare at him, waiting for him to do it again.

Because the bleed was in the left side of his brain, his right side was compromised, the side he has to fight to get back. This affected his face too. The photo on the left was his last day at Stony Brook hospital (January 26th, 2018), and the photo to the right was after a week or so at Rehab (where he still currently is!)


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