His first words


After being at rehab for 3 weeks, the doctors prescribed my dad Ritalin to help him focus, become more alert, and stimulate his brain. When I visit him I call my mom + brother and have my dad listen to them on the phone.

It amazed me how he right away knew to grab the phone and put it to his ear. You could see him listening and his face lights up at certain times during phone calls. After being on Ritalin for a few days, my father started to say a few words on the phone.. we all freaked out! We could not believe we were hearing his voice for the first time in months.

My father rarely talks in person. When he has a phone to his ear, it triggers his brain a bit more to remind him to talk. Sometimes he says nothing on the phone, sometimes he says a few words, other times he blurts out gibberish. Regardless, you can tell he is listening and he is trying. Often times he lets out a big sigh of frustration. It is crazy seeing what the brain can do.

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I started a GoFundMe for my father’s recovery. Although he is progressing, the progress is coming slowly. He will need to be in rehab for as long as possible. When he finally returns home he will need an aid and outpatient therapy. His journey will take at least a year+ long. To see where donations go, the link is below, anything helps. <3



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