Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy is something my dad will have to do the rest of his life. Right now at rehab, they are working on standing him up. They lift my dad from his bed with a harness, and lay him on a tilt table, strapping his body down. The tilt table allows them to see how far he can go without his blood pressure dropping.

The biggest concern + struggle is as they raise him more to standing position, his blood pressure drops, and they have to stop. If his blood pressure drops too low, they risk him passing out.

After a few weeks, his blood pressure stayed stable while doing the tilt table. Now, the physical therapists were working to stand him up. It takes equipment and a team to do so because my father is not able to hold his own weight. He has a harness around his body, a table in front of him, and people holding him up in order to get him on his own feet.

The team told me when they actually try to stand him on his feet, he starts to curse the whole time. The fact that his right side hasn’t moved in 3 months, and he has been laying in bed for that long, his body can’t handle the change of standing. One of the physical therapists said to me.. it’s funny how some of these patients can’t speak.. and then they start cursing up a storm in physical therapy. It’s just an automatic response to pain for them, or really for anyone.

I can’t wait for the day my dad will be able to stand on his own again. It could take a very long time, but he is dealing with the pain. As time goes on, I am hopeful it will get easier for him.


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