Little by little

This past week was such a rollercoaster with my dad. For a few days all of his numbers were off, which is extremely alarming. He was VERY tired and not alert. Eventually, they gave my dad an IV for some fluids, and the next day he was SO much better. After the IV he was the MOST alert we have ever seen him.

I keep in touch with my dad’s therapists every week to see how he is doing. Overall he is starting to talk more. Some words he says are clear, other words sound like gibberish. Either way, he is making progress in that area.

He is also starting to follow (some) commands now. Ex: We will ask him to grab a ball from our hand, and he will grab it! Before this, he would just stare at us.

In physical therapy he still needs 100% assistance to do everything. He is building up more of a tolerance and is leaning less to one side. He is making tiny improvements!

Over all, the therapists all think he is a lot more alert and understanding of his situation.

A lot of people ask me if my father knows what happened to him. I honestly… have no idea. We always tell him he got injured and is in a place to get better + recover, it’s hard to know if he fully understands. We do know that he is getting very frustrated. He is starting to make it clear he does not like his food and he is uncomfortable being in his wheelchair all the time. He actually has said a few times “this is bullshit.” If he can’t tell us how he feels, he makes super angry faces to show his frustration.

I hope as the weeks go on, he will be able to communicate more with us, and he can understand how far he has come and will continue to go.

If you want to help my family in his recovery process, there is a link below to donate. Anything helps and everything is appreciated more then you know!


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