Family + Friends

I can easily say the support of my dad’s family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors has made this so much more bearable for my mom, brother, and I. Once my dad can truly understand what happened, I think he will feel thankful and comforted by all of the support he has been given. Now that he is closer to home, we have family visiting him everyday. Almost every time someone walks into his room his face lights up!

All of the doctors say that family support plays a big role in a patients recovery. It gives them way more of a will to fight to get better.

This week my father will get some updated scans on his Aorta + Brain as well as a visit with a neurologist. We are all praying for some good news ❤



5 thoughts on “Family + Friends

  1. Hi Carmine! This is Joe Tomasulo , from Longwood School District. I went to high school with Carmine and we played basketball together along with Stan Hines. I also was a custodian from Longwood and have since retired. Just want to send my get well wishes and keeping you in my thoughts. Thank you Lexy, for starting this blog so I and others can follow along towards Carmine’s recovery. Keep it going Carmine, if you concentrate on your recovery like you did playing basketball I have no doubt you will be back to yourself in no time! Joe Tomasulo


      • Hi! Yes, I still live on the Island in Mastic. I would like to visit sometime when your feeling better. Let me know in the future when it would be good for you. Keep it going! You will get where you want to be, soon. -Joe Tomasulo


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