The past two weeks

The past two weeks with my dad have been a little stressful. He had a really off week where he wasn’t being himself at all. He wasn’t smiling, making eye contact, and would not eat. The nurses, aids, and therapists noticed his change as well. At his rehab, an on-site neuropsychologist saw him and had a gut feeling he was on too much heavy medication.

While his ‘off’ week was happening, he was taken out of rehab a few times to get updated scans on his head + aorta.

We were so relieved to find out there was no new bleed in his brain, and the head scan came back clear. This really made us believe that it was his medicine throwing him off the whole time because there was no further brain damage.

Once his head scan came back, my dad had a visit with the Neurosurgeon at Stony Brook to review the scan with my mom + uncle. Overall, he said my dad had a massive stroke and took a really hard hit. He thought it was amazing that my dad is not on dialysis and that is a huge plus for him. He said multiple times to my mom that he will get better and everything is going in the right direction. As we have been told, it is a very slow process for recovery and there is always going to be setbacks along the way. Before leaving the room, he went up to my dad while he was laying in the stretcher and he said “Mr. Monaco you WILL get better” and my dad smiled at him.

My dad also had a visit with his vascular doctor. Prior to the scan, his vascular doctor thought there would be no change with the aneurysm on his Aorta. He said even if there was a change in size, there is NO way he would operate on my dad. The longer we can push off operating, the better. After reviewing the scan, the aneurysm on his Aorta is the same size, which is GOOD NEWS. This was the first time the vascular doctor was seeing my dad with his eyes open. When his doctor went to walk out of the office, he turned around, looked at my dad and said “Truly Amazing.”  Every doctor working on his case thinks it is a miracle he is alive.

Fast forward to the past week after a bunch of medicine changes, he has been much more himself. He is making eye contact again, starting to eat more, and smiling. I am super excited to see him this weekend. <3


Link below to help out my father’s recovery, anything helps.


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