May so far


Here are some photos and videos with my dad before this past week..


May has been be filled with ups and downs. For the past week my father was admitted back into Stony Brook hospital – and will probably stay there for a bit longer.

We got a call from his Rehab center saying the left side of his face was drooping, he was vomiting, and had a twitch going on. Now this could mean a million different things – but instantly we thought… was he having another stroke…?

He got many brain scans all which came out clear – thank god! He had a UTI which was really affecting him. Now that seems to be gone, but he has a new infection that we are trying to find the source of.

He has elevated heart enzyme levels which means his organs are working harder. After many many tests, yesterday we discovered he had a Heart Attack. They debated doing surgery but felt it was too risky and are treating him with medicine.

With all of this happening, they pulled my dad off of a high dose of Amantadine. Ever since then he has not been able to open his eyes. Its been 3-4 days now where his eyes just won’t open… which is pretty scary. Right before all of this he was starting to talk more (even if it wasn’t coming out clear).

We are meeting with the neurologist we initially saw when he was in a coma and hopefully we will get to the bottom of what’s going on.

A lot of people ask me how my family and I are holding up. I have no answer other then we are hanging in there. We are all staying strong for my dad and have faith in his strength. My mom, brother, and I are so lucky to have supportive friends + family around us who haven’t left our side. <3


  1. My thoughts are with you and your dad Lexy, sending good energy! You are so brave,keep on staying strong for him ♥️

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