Back At Rehab!

The past three weeks have been sooo crazy! While my dad was back at the hospital he overcame a bad UTI, pneumonia, and a small heart attack! After a lot of tests and keeping a close eye on him, he went back to rehab on Friday! YAY!

We had a bunch of scares while he was at the hospital but everything worked out. At one point the doctors thought his Aorta could be bleeding which made the whole family SO scared. It turned out to be the same bleed when all of this initially happened in December…  so no new bleeds, everything is still stable.

His last week at the hospital he started to talk A LOT. Probably the most I have ever heard him speak since all of this. A good amount of words he would say were coming out clear.. He even started giving high-fives which he has never done before!

Now that he is back at rehab he is not talking as much, but were hoping he is just re-adjusting and will start talking more again as the week goes on. He was moved to a different room at rehab but his favorite aid still has him, she was sooo excited to see him back!

The biggest struggle, still, is figuring out which medications are best for him and at what dose. I really hope this month we can nail down all of his medicine and we will start to see more improvement from him. <3

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