Right side movement

As of today my dad is STILL in the hospital. It is so frustrating seeing him deal with all of these set backs when he could be getting therapy and improving.

The past few days his white blood cell count has been going down, which means his infections are going away, thank god! Additionally, yesterday he was given a blood transfusion to make up for some blood loss. Our fingers are crossed that he will go back to rehab today if all if his numbers stay in the range they should be.

The majority of time he has been in the hospital he has been sleeping and not alert. BUT when I saw him on Sunday it was the best I have seen him in weeks! He smiled as soon as he saw me. I laid right by his side the whole day. He was singing with me, playing with my hair, trying to talk, and so on. It is so exciting when he is alert… it shows how much he is in there.

My mom leaned over and told him “you’re the love of my life” and he bursted out crying! It is so hard to see him get emotional when he can’t clearly speak for himself and tell us what’s going on, but it was such a special moment.

Another thing we are noticing is movement in his right arm, hand, and fingers!!! IT IS SO EXCITING! One doctor said he would never get it back. A neurosurgeon said he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to get that back… but my dad seems to be proving them wrong. This makes me extremely happy because of my dad’s love for music. My whole life, every morning, I would see him playing the guitar. It gives me peace knowing he will be able to do that again.


  1. is very good for me to read this!!! means that my prayers are not in vain!
    god is marvelously amazing!!! stay strong, lexy!
    love from brazil, to you 🌺

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