Time is everything


Finally my dad has been back at rehab since July 13th! This has been our first full weeks of some consistency with him in what feels like forever. The past two weeks he has been very alert.. not sleepy at all during therapy.

Once he was sent to the hospital he has been strictly on a tubing feed diet – he couldn’t have anything by the mouth unless during his sessions in speech therapy. For the most part speech is happy with how he is doing when he is in session. He is eating an a normal pace and it feels nice to have some real food in him even if its just yogurt, oatmeal, or juice for now. They have upgraded him again to a pure diet but he often refuses to eat the food – so we are working on ways to get him to eat still.

The physical therapist is also noticing some right side movement which makes her hopeful for him in the future. Additionally, he is ‘pushing’ less to one side and staying more center which is amazing. The physical therapist is super happy with how he is sitting up ALMOST on his own. The concern is how tight everything is on him, how much tone there is in his muscle, and how much weight he has lost. For his tightness / tone we are working on getting him appointments for a baclofen pump as well as botox.

Below is a photo of him trying to sit up when he was first brought to this rehab, compared to now!


The one thing we have noticed is how much more emotional he has been these past weeks. Throughout all of this, he has cried here and there, but not often. The past weeks he cries a few times a day that we see and it breaks our hearts. We always reassure him  everything is going in the right direction and recovery will take time.

I hope within the next few months he will see himself improve and start to feel a bit positive about all of this.


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