“I Give You All My Love”

I am so excited! Today when I was talking to my dad on the phone he said VERY clearly “I give you all my love” and then he started to cry. It is heart breaking to see him get upset. At the same time it is amazing how clear he said it and how much he meant it.

He still is having trouble talking and getting out what he wants to say.  The therapists are noticing him trying to speak more frequently though.

One of the aids said to him “Carmine! Your family is always here, they are so concerned and want you to get better!” Clear as day my dad responded “I love them all so much.” It’s moments like these that give us all so much hope for his recovery.

The past few weeks is the most improvement I have ever seen in my dad. He has been feeding himself, brushing his teeth, and brushing his hair! (for the first time in 8 months!) ALSO, his diet has been upgraded! No more puree food, he can have almost all real food.

In physical therapy he is now able to sit up on his own for 30 seconds with no help which is incredible for him. The biggest struggle we are facing (physically) is how much tone he has in his legs. His body is so tight from laying and not moving. Within the next two weeks he has evaluations for a baclofen pump + botox to release tension in his body. We all hope this will help so he can get stronger and more independent.

I hope this improvement continues and there are no more setbacks along the way ❤




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